Annual Accounts Preperation 

We’ll manage the timing, preparation and filing of your business accounts. But we can do more than just report the history of what’s already happened. We take the time to explain your accounts to you so that you understand what is going on financially within your business, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and helping you to plan for the future. 

Business Planning and Raising Finance 

Whether your business requires funding for growth, working capital for consolidation or you are looking to purchase a property, we can help. We have an extensive network of contacts and will work with you to develop your funding proposal, including business plans. We will lead detailed negotiations with lenders and review existing or arrange fresh banking facilities. We can also help you to improve your cash flow, by arranging invoice discounting and asset finance facilities. 


We’ll prepare tax returns for you and your business and deal with HMRC. But whilst tax returns are important, we try to do more than this and are interested in maximising your tax planning opportunities. We all have to pay taxes but we’ll legally make sure you do not pay a penny more than is absolutely necessary. We have extensive experience and always get the best results for our clients. We are also able to discuss the use of  Tax strategies, available for the more profitable businesses and high net worth individuals, working with the leading scheme providers. 

Procurement and Cost Reduction 

We have our own specialist in-house team who provide a professional cost reduction service to businesses. We’ll review your business overheads and look to reduce them, by introducing you to our extensive network of low cost suppliers. We guarantee to reduce costs and improve your profitability whilst maintaining or improving service levels. The areas in which we can save you costs include telephone contracts, lighting and heating, printing, commercial insurance and many more! Our average cost saving per client is 23.7% 

Financial Services 

Whether you are looking for financial advice for your business, a safe and secure home for your investments or need some advice around retirement options, our experienced team of financial planning experts can help take you through your options. We’ve been offering comprehensive financial advice for the past 20 years, helping businesses and private clients plan for their financial future. 
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We’ll audit your company’s accounts ensuring that you receive an accurate account of your business’ true financial position. We’ll also alert you to any actual or potential areas of weakness in your business and advise you on appropriate remedial action. You’ll have a professionally audited set of accounts to present to your bank, suppliers and customers enhancing the overall image and reputation of your business.KJA Kilner Johnson Limited is registered to carry out audit work in the UK by the Insititute of Chartered accountants in England and Wales. 

Company Restructuring 

Inevitably some businesses are not successful, go through difficult financial times and need support. It is at these times that we are here to help. There is no shame in having a business which has financial problems. At least you have given it a go. Most businesses which fail do so because of factors out of the control of the directors. Our job is to help you sort out an orderly way forward for you and your business. 

Tax Investigations 

We know what a shock it is to receive a letter from HMRC telling you an investigation has been opened into your tax affairs. This can cause you immense stress and many sleepless nights, which could affect you and your business. We handle all types of HMRC investigations and offer expert advice and support. We will attend meetings with HMRC on your behalf, negotiate and work to reach a fair and final settlement, including reducing penalties where possible, and allowing you time to pay. 


This is when you found out what red tape was all about. Let us take the strain away from you and let you get on with running and growing the business. Payroll is complicated and has to be done on time; you, as the employer, are responsible for the mistakes. We run payrolls and can provide a tailor made service for your business. 

Trust and Estate Planning 

Few of us like to think about dying. However, unless we plan well in advance, HMRC is likely to tax a large chunk of your estate following your death. This means you need to make the necessary arrangements now. We provide a discreet, comprehensive estate planning service which includes will writing, transferring assets into trust for your family, arranging adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance liabilities and acting as executors to distribute your assets according to your wishes. 
"Accountancy may not set pulses racing but we're passionate about it..." 
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